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My spouse worked in a "kombini" for almost a decade. Having her looking over my shoulder while playing this almost felt like cheating.

Agreeing with Chaoseed that it would be cool with an expanded version (perhaps with a story).

Ahah, that's alright, and thank you! I was thinking that some questions would get tough enough that using a calculator on side would be suggested. So definitely not cheating. :)

I completely agree with idea of attaching a simple story to it if I were to expand it. I actually had a longer title in mind that would've have implied the possible story.

If you do ever want to prevent (or at least neutralize) calculators then you could add more puzzling maths problems, like equations/algebra. Traditional calculators don't really help with those, even though graph-calculators (Texas Instruments et. al.) do.

I would have loved to include algebra! I really only have the arithmetic question system written down so far though. It probably wouldn't take that long except probably adjusting the difficulties for them.

It's a little tough to figure out without instructions, but it IS playable, so that's good! Seems like a solid idea, it'd be cool to see it expanded!

Thank you! I'll be sure to include a guide or tutorial if I do expand it more.